Anti-Semitism a hallmark of France’s Populist Movements, including the Left.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism a hallmark of France’s Populist Movements, including the Left.”

  1. You can definitely look at a nation, a government, and its people with how they deal with minorities and minority issues. It is amazing to me that to this day we still have parties that run on the foundation of being “Unsubmissive or Unbowed” in almost the idea that they refuse any responsibility, past and present. As frightfully odd as the left taking a hardline stance that is similar to how the right react it is also odd that a group, 1% of Europe, is still vehemently attacked. The only way around this would have to be calling out the negative actions big and small to highlight the ridiculousness of such rhetoric even being considered. While I’m sure this is a good beginning, it is surely not enough to stop mindless bigotry.


  2. Hi Gabe, you raise an interesting point about anti-Semitism on the left and the right. The media often associates anti-Semitism with the far-right but fails to account for the left’s anti-Semitic remarks and actions. This omission can paint quite the narrative and distort reality. Violence, hate speech, and attacks on minorities are not unique to the far-right. Both the far-right and the far-left spread misinformation, commit hate crimes and promote violence as a way to achieve their objectives. Vincent raises a good point about the need to call out negative actions in the previous comment. To take this a step further, I suggest acknowledging media bias and framing. The media can often produce a narrative that associates prejudice with a certain party or ideology, which creates a good-versus-bad dichotomy or a right-versus-wrong political choice. Media outlets can also indicate how a country treats its minorities by studying their bias and the stereotypes they produce. Perhaps promoting media literacy is the first step toward a solution, as we discussed in class.

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